Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Best Shipping Pallet Chairs On The Internet

The Best Shipping Pallet Chair Plans On The Internet

As you all know, I have been a fan of pallet chairs, pallet projects and other ways of recycling used shipping pallets for some time. My interest led me to look for pictures, ideas and plans on the internet. What I found was promising but failed to answer the question I had...how do you make a chair out of a pallet?

Needless to say, I did not find a good plan for a chair that did not involve completely dismantling pallets for their wood. I didn't want to use recycled wood to build a "normal" chair, I wanted to re-purpose pallets into functional and interesting yard furniture.

What I did find lots of ideas for building chairs, Adirondack Chairs and pallet chairs. These all included pictures, dismantling pallets for wood and no actual plans. I also found lots of pictures of pallet chairs for sale but these were more like futons and not what I wanted either.

So, I built my own chair. I had a zen moment where I could see the chair in front of me and saw that same chair within an old pallet I had been saving for projects. I crafted and constructed my chair from the ground up. I designed it as I built it, I made some mistakes. When that chair was finished I liked it,so I build another one. The second chair incorporated some design enhancements I had come up with.

Since then I have blogged about pallet chairs, pallet projects and even put up pictures of my chair. Now, I have also added the complete plans/instructions for building a good Andirondack pallet chair. The plans can be found here, The Best Free Shipping Pallet Chairs , at Hubpages .com. For more on pallets and which pallets are good for building with read my post, Pallets Are Not All The Same.


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